Japan – Day 11 (Akihabara, Ueno, and Roppongi)

Went to Akihabara in the morning to visit Outlet Plaza and Wink for some discount shopping. It’s pretty much like an MSY in Australia if you have ever been to one of those stores. Lots of stuff, all in boxes, little help, but cheap prices.

Moved onto Ueno to check out the street markets. You could spend all day there if you wanted too, quite action packed and you find pretty much everything.

Last destination for the day was Roppongi, and more sight seeing and eating was done here. Quite nice views from this massive complex scaling many buildings. Plenty of food, although alot of it is at the upper end of the scale!

That was the last full day in Japan. Pretty casual day, but most of what needed to be seen and done was already accomplished!

 PS. Included a nice night shot from the top of Roppongi Hills overlooking Tokyo Tower whilst playing around with the exposure on my camera (Panasonic TZ7)!

Ueno Markets (the less busy street)Roppongi Hills (within Roppongi)Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills - Night Shot