Exchange 2007 and 2010 – Total emails/messages sent and received

I had a request to find out the number of emails sent out of an Exchange server as they wanted it for auditing purposes. Message tracking center is cumbersome to use for this. Instead, the performance monitor was fairly good (but had limitations).

To get to Performance Monitor for Exchange (you can use the standard one too if you want) . Load up Exchange Management Console – Toolbox – Performance Monitor.

Right click on graph and choose Add Counters. Choose MsExchangeTransport SMTPReceieve, highlight _total and click Add. Do the same for MsExchangeTransport SmtpSend.

Once added, scroll through the counter list on the bottom and highlight either Messages Sent Total or Messages Received Total. Look at the number in Last. This is the number of emails sent or received.

Your next question is, “emails sent or received since when?”. The answer to this is: Since the server was last restarted. To get when it was last restarted just use the command prompt and type: “net statistics server” or “net statistics workstation”. It will give you the time and date these two services were last restarted which will coincide with when the server was restarted (as these two services cannot be restarted without restarting the server).

Hope this helps!