USA – Texas

Big flat and nothing like on TV is what I describe this place.

The stereotypes of people from Texas you see on TV did not exist on my visit. No cowboys, no horses, nothing more than a civilised city with big freeways, and citizens driving large trucks for no real reason. The only “stereotype” was the thick Texas accent you typically associate with this state.

I had family here, so I spent a lot of time with them. I stayed primarily in San Antonio, but made a day trip to Dallas. Even still, I could not be convinced there was a whole lot to do here…

The riverwalk in San Antonio was “neat”, but not much else stood out. Dallas was just another city, but there was not much there. A great place to eat is at Chama Gaucha which is a Brazillian Steak House. Definitely some of the better meat I had in the US! –