Day 16 – Phuket, Thailand

Another scheduled day of relaxing. There were two things planned for today to Patong:

  1. Go in for my final fitting before picking up my suit
  2. Go to see Simon Cabaret to see some Ladyboys sing

Suit fittings require a couple visits to finalise. See my Suit Tailoring in Thailand blog for those who are interested (

Simon Caberat is another one of those things on the to-do list when you visit Thailand. The walk from the centre of Patong (Jungceylon Shopping Mall) is about 20mins (or you can Tuk-Tuk). The show is a bit gimmicky, but it is entertaining nonetheless. It pretty much involves girls (who may not be born girls), singing and dancing to various songs from different countries. I was disappointed to see that everything was mimed, but the entertainment value was still there.

(apologies for the blury photo, it was a mad rush to secure photos, and most ppl were snapping away because a posed photo require cash payment – like most things in Thailand, everything can potentially be charged).