Day 13 – Phuket, Thailand

Today we went to Phuket Town. I’m sure during peak season, and when there is lesser political turmoil in Thailand, there would be more people roaming around. Today when we went though, the town was practically dead.

We roamed through some smaller shopping centres, before heading to the larger Festival Center Shopping Center. This one is of decent size, and you can spend hours here (as we did). We ended up buying quite a few items, and even got a massage.

Later that night, we headed across to the Phuket Night Markets. This was of decent size, and comparable to the Chiang Mai Sunday Market. Items were more expensive here though, and bargaining was more difficult (read my Thailand Tips page when it comes out).

After doing a bit more shopping in the night market, it was time to head back to the hotel for a good nights rest.

Sorry folks, no photos again. The last two days have been a bit dry.