Day 17 – Phuket, Thailand

This day was spent island hopping between 7 islands. Funnily enough, only 3 of the islands were memorable.

In total, the 7 islands visited were:

  1. Panak Island – to see the “Ice Cream Cave”
  2. Hong Island – just a stop
  3. James Bond Island
  4. Talu Island – for canoeing
  5. Panyee Island – for lunch
  6. Khien Island – just a stop to see some ancient drawings
  7. Naka Island – sandy beach island

The memorable 3 were:

  • Panak Island – the Ice Cream Cave was pretty cool, especially the view at the end
  • James Bond Island – the name lives up to itself. It is the island where “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed
  • Naka Island – a not too bad sandy beach island
Ice Cream CaveJames Bond IslandAncient DrawingsA Hermit Crab