USA – New York

There are great expectations placed upon New York, largely from all the hype on television and other travellers. It certainly lives up to all the hype. It is an extremely large city, the population of people in New York City (NYC) alone is almost as much as the whole of Australia. This is hard to believe until you have visited NYC. You will also notice how dirty and polluted the city is!

You can spend a very long time in New York. If you’re into shopping, get dropped off anywhere in NYC, and you will probably spend a day there circling a few blocks. The great thing is there is more than shopping in NYC, there are plenty of others things to see, do, eat. NYC is one of a few places in the USA where you can find good food – yet to find a place that makes a proper coffee though (Cafe Latte anyway).

Of the many places to visit, the standard ones to name a few are Fifth Ave, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Wall St.