Lucerne (Switzerland)

In Switzerland, due to the only having a few days we decided that we would skip Zurich and go straight up to Lucerne. The beauty of Europe is how you can chop and change you itinerary so easily, and hotels are almost always available anytime any day.
Switzerland is one of those places where the landscape is so unique. The colours of green, blue, and white really don’t look the same anywhere else. Everything is so lush, clean, and crisp – truly beautiful and you can’t help but to keep staring out that window of the train.

In Lucerne I managed to pick up a cheap Swiss watch as a souvenir (practically the only thing I wanted to leave Switzerland with), pay the most I ever have for a cup of coffee (in excess of AUD$10), and visit Mount Pilatus (must do if visiting Lucerne). Make sure you try some swiss chocolate, and also drink water from any of their fountains. The water has an impeccably clean taste about it, and I think it is one of the worlds highest quality drinking water.

Lake Lucerne 1 Lake Lucerne 2 Mount Pilatus