USA – Las Vegas

After our initial stay in LA, we moved onto Las Vegas.
First thoughts, it’s hot. Second thought, what a party town.

It’s amazing to see how much money casinos are able to bring into a town, and it’s ability to develop such an entertainment hub in the middle of nowhere. We stayed at the Monte Carlo.

Shopping at the South Premium Outlet was great, plenty of brands and stock to choose from. Food was very hit and miss, but I would have to give American Fish (in Aria) a wrap as the food there was by far the best.

The days were spent shopping or lounging in pools, and the nights were spent gambling away or watching shows. The three shows we saw were “O” – Cirque De Soleil, Penn & Teller, and Phantom of the Opera. I would recommend all three of these shows, and you may be able to pick them up cheap off the strip from the stalls that try to sell last minute tickets.