Day 5 – Nha Trang/Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Woke up nice and early for the journey back to Ho Chi Minh. It is a very long drive (8hrs) with rest stops, covering only 400km. This is mainly due to traffic and road conditions. You get use to the constant darting around on the road while trying to get around slower cars and avoiding oncoming traffic.

By the time we got there, we checked into our hotel and went to a very classy/westernised restaurant. The food and atmosphere was great (address details in pic)! Highly recommended.

Nice Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh

Day 1 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Arrived in Ho Chi Minh City after a stop over in Bangkok overnight (and after a 4hr delayed flight out of Australia). Stayed in the Novotel Airport hotel in Bangkok, which was decked out beautifully. Ashame that it was only a stop over.

First impressions of Vietnam after landing at the airport was that everything was very very quiet. I later found out that family/friends were not allowed into the airport for pickup. They needed to wait outside behind a fence. The atmosphere inside the airport felt lifeless.

It was quite a cultural shock once we hit the roads of Vietnam. Soooo many motorbikes, and everyone ignores all the road rules. Everyone is darting around everywhere, and most traffic signals are ignored. The weather was also extremely hot and humid (37C that day).

I ended up making my way to the market which was in District 1. I also stayed at a hotel in District 1. Many things are cheap at the market, but as a travelling foreigner you get earmarked for sales. You will notice a lot of people trying to sell you practically anything. They will probably tug your shirt if you get close enough to them!

After getting dinner at a restaurant in District 5 (suckling pig is cheap!), we called it a night.