Japan – Day 3 (Mt Fuji/Hakone)

Woke up nice and early to catch a tour that went to Mt Fuji and the Hakone region. Mt Fuji was quite a sight. Went up to the 5th station to check the site out as well as the temple. Unfortunately it was a bit of a cold and foggy day, so there were limited photography shots.

Went on a short cruise through Lake Ashi, followed by a cable car ride up the mountain to the temple at top. Very foggy conditions once again up top.

Stayed at the Prince Hotel in Hakone which had an onsen. Tried that out, and all I can say is that it’s like a very hot spa without the bubbles! It’s meant to contain previous minerals that are good for the body. I also went into the mist sauna and that was nice. Quite an experience.

Other than that, the day was fairly relaxing and slow paced. Much less of a rush than the other days thus far. I think Hakone is more of the locals relaxation town. Not a terrible amount of stuff to do, and what there is to do, not much is that interesting. The views are the best bit.

Kyoto here I come… can’t wait to try the Shinkansen (bullet train)

PS. On the jetty at Lake Ashi I spotted some massive Koi’s! Pictures attached.

Mt Fuji PhotoGaint Koi (at least 0.6m long)