Mixing Clownfish – Cinnamon Tomato and Percula

Don’t do it!

Thought I’d post this video to show other people the result. Unless you have a large enough tank, it’s not a good idea to mix clownfish of any breed. This video should prove it. I have contained the percula as I am only tank-sitting him till I find a more suitable home (as I was given the percula from a friend who was getting rid of his tank).

You will see from the video that the tomato is particularly interested in harassing him…

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Tomato Clownfish Flame (Vanuatu)

Got my Tomato Clownfish the other week. Quite a character and sitting well with my Mono Sebae (brackish). The tank is full marine salinity.

The Tomato loves to dig holes, and I believe he has had a bit of a fight with the Mono as the Mono is missing bits of its tail. Probably over the prized position next to the heater in the tank!

The Tomato has a huge appetitive and eats practically anything, which is on par with what other users on the net are saying. Overall I have to say he is quite a cool fish. Might get him another friend, but the tank is small and tomatos are aggressive.

Tank details: 2ft tank, Salinity 1.020, temp 26C, no anemone, 80% play pit sand, 20% coral sand, Plastic plants to confuse the heck out of the tomato 😛

 Tomato Clownfish Flame (Vanuatu) 1Tomato Clownfish Flame (Vanuatu) 2Tomato Clownfish Flame (Vanuatu) and Mono Sebae