Seoul to Busan to Jinhae (Cherry Blossom Festival)

I had some airfares that happened to go on sale, and also had the privilege of taking some leave off in April this year. This coincided nicely with being able to visit South Korea during Cherry Blossom season.

The famous Cherry Blossom festival is held in Jinhae, towards the South of South Korea. It is a bit of a trek to make from Seoul, so it is recommended you visit Busan (the 2nd biggest city after Seoul). You can take the high-speed train (KTX) from Seoul to Busan. It takes around 2.5hours.

KTX from Seoul to Busan (and return)

KTX from Seoul to Busan (and return)

You can stay at the accommodation of your choice in Busan. As long as you can get to a metro line, its fairly easy to get to Jinhae. You need to make your way to Sasang metro station. You can get here via various lines and tranfers from any other metro line.

Some quick notes:

  • Please note Jinhae is pronounced Jin-air, else locals will not understand where you are referring too
  • Jinhae is not the same as Jinae (on the light-rail train)

Once you have arrived at Sasang station, find exit 5 and once up the stairs turn left and walk past the McDonalds/Apple Outlet. You will find the bus terminal here. Buy a ticket for Jinhae, and wait for the bus. It should be Bus stop 17 outside the terminal, with a nice long line of people. The bus itself doesn’t have a number, and runs every 20mins between 6am and 10pm.


Jinhae on the ticket is probably written in Korean, so take note of below (Jinhae is written in Korean next to the arrow Busan ->). It’s probably where everyone is heading anyway.

Jinhae to Busan

Jinhae to Busan

Busan to Jinhae

Busan to Jinhae

The bus ride can be any where from 1hr to 2hrs depending on traffic. Just sit back and relax.

When you arrive in Jinhae, you may notice people getting off at various stops. Some stops are closer to the actual festival. My advice is to wait until the last stop, which will take you to the Jinhae bus terminal. That way, you can get a bearing of where this is compared to everything else. You will need to come back to this bus terminal to buy your return ticket.


PS. The bus will drop you off at Jinhae bus terminal which is near the people selling food in tents as part of the festival. To get to the famous Yeojwacheon Stream (pictures below), just show the pics to an info desk at the big roundabout and they’ll give you a map with walking directions – otherwise try and google and see if you can make your own way there!

DSC_0683 DSC_0493