Japan – Day 10 (Harajuku, Shibuya, Aomi)

It was a scheduled shopping day today. Best place to shop so far was Harajuku. Plenty of designer brands, and also the lesser knowns. A good variety all round. Just get off at Harajuku and head to Omotesando.

Moved onto Shibuya to see Japan’s “Time Square”. Extremely busy is all I can say. Plenty of shops, but just couldn’t last much longer shopping. Dropped off the days shopping at the hotel, then head off over to Aomi for Venus Fort (in Pallete Town).

Venus Fort had more shopping, but in a european type atmosphere (Japan literally has it all). Not many shops though, and a lot of shops were being reopened (being rebirthed as such). Quite a cosy place to hang out. To get there, you need to catch the monorail, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been on an unmanned vehicle of any sort. Literally no driver on the monorail whatsoever (I checked!). Everything was pretty much automated by a computer.

Spotted the Statue of Liberty on the way home and quickly jumped off to take some happy snaps. Til tomorrow (last day)…

 PS. Forgot to take a single shot of Harajuku!

Shibuya TIme SquareVenus Fort in Pallete Town in AomiStatue of Liberty in Japan