3Com 4400 Switch Password Recovery and Factory Reset/Defaults

Here’s one from the history books. You are unlikely to encounter these switches, but if you do and wish to restore them to defaults, this will be your saviour.

Password Recovery

Use the password recovery method outlined below to reset the admin password.

1.Use a console cable to connect to the CLI, and enter username “recover” and password “recover” to place your unit in password recovery mode. The unit will remain in password recovery mode for a maximum of 30 seconds, before it returns to the CLI login prompt.

2. During the 30 seconds, perform a hard reset on the unit while it is still in password recovery mode by switching it off (pulling the power on it), waiting a few seconds, and switching it on again.

3. When the unit has rebooted following the hard reset enter a new password for the “admin” user account.

4. Enter enable to leave password recovery enabled, or enter disable to turn it off. You are now logged in as the default “admin” user. WARNING: If you enter disable here, you will not be able to perform password recovery again! I have not figured out a way to get around this… It is best to leave it enabled!
Reset Factory Defaults

Use admin login (not manager). Use procedure above if you have lost the admin username. The manager username does not have as much access rights to perform the steps below.

Once logged into the CLI, use command: gettingStarted – this will allow you to set IP address, amongst a couple other minor things. Follow prompts, and apply settings, reboot. Done.

For full factory reset/defaults, issue command: system, control, initialize. Then type Yes to proceed.

This is what you should see at the console.

Menu options: ————–3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400—————
initialize         – Reset to factory defaults
reboot             – Perform system reboot
softwareUpgrade    – Perform agent software upgrade

Type “quit” to return to the previous menu or  ? for help
————————————Stack 005 (1)———————–
Select menu option (system/control): initialize
WARNING: This command initializes the system to factory defaults (excluding
Management IP Configuration) and causes a reset.
Do you wish to continue (yes,no)[no]: yes