We arrived in Nice to a thunderstorm; if only you could control the weather when you’re travelling. This meant that many shops and restaurants were closed, because who shops and eats when it’s raining right? Only in Europe 🙂

You can visit the beaches in Nice, check out the yachts that are parked in the harbour, eat frog legs and do a bit of walking through parks. I think you will find that Nice is more a chill out, lay on the beach place. Depending on how much of a beach person you are, and whether you enjoy doing nothing will affect your opinion on Nice.


Lyon is often referred to the food capital of France. It is smallish city, but there are markets and streets you can wander down. Visiting this city, you will probably be planning your days around where to eat.

There were two memorable stories for me that both involved food. One was when we were hunting down a cheese and wine tasting place, which led us to go through some doors that happened to be hiding a whole market place behind it. It extraordinary to stumble across such a place, and we proceeded to walk around and eat endlessly.

The second place was for dinner, where I made a booking to a nice restaurant. On arrival we would find that it was a fine dining restaurant, and we were dressed somewhat casually. I had also proceeded to book the restaurant for the wrong night (ie. I booked tomorrow night). they were nice enough to accommodate us still, after some blank looks on both ours and their faces regarding the reservation.

We then found out the menu was degustation only, and were in awe of the food by the end of the night. It was at the very end that we then realised on the bill that the restaurant actually had a Michelin star! No wonder…


Paris was the final stop of our European holiday. It is one of those places that you seem to get mixed opinions about. For us, we were really enjoyed our Paris experience, and we never received any snobiness or rudeness from the locals – I think you need to put in that little extra effort to greet and thank, and it helps to have a smile on your face.

My favourite coffee variation was the the noisette, and I could not resist having a croissant a day. Bread overall is sooooo good in Paris, and we had no issues just having just baguette and french butter. To add to this, I’m also a fan of Foie Gras, which you can get at many restaurants in Paris.

There are a million things to do in Paris, but I think the main attractions would be Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, The “lock” bridge (although the locks have all been removed now), and the Lourve if you’re into Museums.

Getting around is quite easy on the subway system, and I would recommend it. Dinner at the Les Papilles was a highlight. It is hard to get a booking, and they do confirm bookings via phone so make sure you have a working number. There is no menu, and you rock up and get served the specials for the day

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