Brazil 2014

I was fortunate enough this year to visit Brazil for a friend’s wedding. This was in March 2014, just months before the World Cup.

We visited Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, and Bahia. The experience was something very different to anywhere I’ve been to previously, and it’ll probably be a while before I will be heading back to South America again – so it was even more compelling to visit!

First impressions of Brazil was that it was an extremely populated concrete jungle. Because we were travelling as a large group, safety concerns were somewhat lessened. Nonetheless, it’s best to be a wise tourist and not get into any situations that you will regret.

Sao Paulo is the capital, and is where the wedding was held. It was the most populated and dense out of the cities we visited. Rio De Janeiro is what most people associate Brazil with. The nice long beaches and people playing volleyball on the beach. Bahia is somewhat more isolated, and more culturally untouched.

We were here for Carnival season, and Rio has the biggest and most famous. These are what people see photos of on the Internet. We went to Carnival in Bahia, which is more about song and dance. All the famous musicians play here on floating stages, and spectators can choose to dance around the floats, stand on the circuit, or in the stands that surround the circuit.

I have attached some photos of my trip!


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