USA – Los Angeles

LA is a big and flat city, you need a car to get anywhere. It is why many tourists say LA is boring, there is simply a lack of public transport.

Things to do in LA: Beverly Hills – Rodeo Drive, Hollywood – Walk of the Stars, Universal Studios and Disneyland, and shopping of course.

In Beverly Hills, we had lunch at Villa Blanca, the reknown restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump. It so happened that an ad for Mercedes Benz was being filmed with George Clooney. More here. Other than spotting George, there was not much to actually “do” here.

We moved on to Hollywood, and I have to admit this place is nothing like what you see on TV. The place is dirty and run down. The walk of the stars offers about 10sec of excitement. You can walk around a bit, and see what you stumble across. We had a quick look at the Kodak Theatre, where a lot of red carpet movie launches occur.

If you are looking to trek to some outer suburbs, Santa Monica and San Deigo are two good places. Santa Monica is where you see all the roller skating scenes on beaches filmed in movies. It is a also a good place to soak in some real local atmosphere. San Deigo is a very much a South American feel town, and is a great change in atmosphere.

Universal Studios was a very cool experience. If you haven’t done anything like it before, it is great theme park to hit. The guided tour around Universal Tours, and some of the rides are amazing (I liked the Simpsons ride). You will probably spend a day here.

Disneyland is another cool experience. You need to be into the whole Disney thing back when you were younger to fully appreciate this. Those who do, will have a magical time here. There are rides, character photos, and shows. There are two Disney theme parks – Disneyland and Disney Adventure Park. Disneyland is where the Parade occurs each night, and the Adventure Park is where the Magic of Colour watershow occurs.

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