Crested Oyster Goby in Marine Tank

Certainly an interesting creature to have in a marine tank.

This guy was caught from the Port River in Port Adelaide, South Australia.

Official scientific specs are here:

Great little guy to have, and quite unique. Acts like any other goby (aka fairly boring). The Crested Oyster Goby has some colour when the light bounces off him correctly, but otherwise a very dark dull fish to have.

Because he was wild, he had to be trained to eat prepared foods. Set him up in an seperate containment, and then moved him into the main tank still seperated. Took him a couple days before he would eat anything.

Got him started on Hikari Fish sticks, as they were large and “obvious” enough for him to think it’s food. Swallowed them easily. Moved onto New Life Spectrum pellets, and that took a few days before he would start stabbing at the pellet. Took him about a week to become efficient at taking in the pellets.

Now he has been released into the main tank, and doing well. He is still learning to chase down the pellets before the other fish gobble it all up! He is getting a few pellets at a time!

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