Black Ghost Knife Fish and Blood Parrots Feeding

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This is the Black Ghost Knife I’ve had for 2 years now. He is approx 25cm long, and not afraid to come out when it’s feeding time. As it happens, the Blood Parrots are not afraid either, and will happily snatch food from the much bigger Ghost Knife!

5 thoughts on “Black Ghost Knife Fish and Blood Parrots Feeding

  1. your aquarium is a bit small.try making a small pot with a hole in it your black ghost will like hiding in it.i have 4of em.The aquarium shop which I buy my fish keep some transparent tubes for their black ghosts and mud pots with holes for their parrot fish.I have 2 shubunkin goldfish,2 orange finned loachs,2 sucker cats,1angelfish,4 black ghosts,3 comet tail goldfish.Black ghosts are nocturnal place them in dim light conditions.

  2. Thanks, is their no such thing as a ghost knife fish being any other colour than black then? Because if not, im wondering where you can get one that isnt black and put him in my tank.

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