Day 15 – Phuket, Thailand

Today was the day we started on our tours. This one involved Phi Phi Island and required us to leave our hotel at 7am…

The tour itself involved a cruise to Phi Phi Island, where we would snorkel in a coral reef before having lunch, and cruising back to Phuket. I have to admit that the hype with Phi Phi is just not worth it. Apart from the snorkelling, I would rather have spent most of the day doing something else (like relaxing!).

Snorkelling is always fun, and I’m a huge addict. Must get myself a proper underwater camera before my next snorkelling adventure (the Fuji FinePIX J15 just does not cut the cake – infact, I’ll summarise the woes with it in another blog).

Not much to say about Phi Phi Island really, so I’ll end it here with this entry…

Note: Pictures below are of islands around Phi Phi.

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