Day 14 – Phuket, Thailand

Spent most of the day relaxing before heading to our night show FantaSea! It’s good to have some time to just do nothing, especially when you’re staying at a 5 star resort. Makes the holiday actually feel like a holiday, and not just rushing around trying to tee end-to-end tours.

FantaSea is theme park, but the theme park is pretty ordinary. The two best elements are the zoo (for giggles) and the show itself. I’d recommend seeing the show once if you come to Thailand. It’s one of those things you’d have to tick off your to-do list.

The show itself is quite interesting. Storyline is a bit hard to follow, but from the middle to the end the actions speak for itself. The fireworks and effects on stage is really spectacular. Who would’ve thought you could launch fireworks in a confined space! The security┬áthere is quite strict, and you will undergo multiple bag checks. The most amusing is the final check before the show where they will get you to deposit any type of recording device (mobile phones, cameras etc) to protect the copyright of the show.

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