Day 12 – Phuket, Thailand

Phuket covers a large region, and today we were off to Patong. The beach here is nicer than Surin and is quite busy. There are many side shops, but the night market lacks anything interesting. The shopping centre (Jungceylon) here is nothing great, but its good if you want to get indoors and enjoy some airconditioned comfort.

If you have been up to Chiang Mai, you will notice things in Phuket are more expensive and the people here try harder to get your attention (and probably rip you off). The classic that springs to mind was the Thailand Shot Glass – they wanted 300 baht = $11 AUD. Wouldn’t even cost me that much back at home. In department stores, it was a reasonable 150 baht, which I would consider to still be expensive.

I had predetermined that I would go to Thailand to purchase a tailored suit since it seemed to be all the rave. I will post a review of the suit once it is fully made and I get it home to compare the quality against some of my other suits. I ended up paying 7600 baht for 2 suits (totalling 2 coats, and 2 pants).

Had dinner in Patong, and funnily enough the suit was my only purchase for the day. Nothing else caught my eye.

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