Hyper-V WordPress Appliance

After my server crash, I moved from Vmware Server┬áto Hyper-V. I wanted to go ESX, but I haven’t got hardware fully support by ESX. Nonetheless, using Hyper-V I’m extremely impressed by it’s speed and reliability.

The problem with Hyper-V is that there is not as many appliances readily available. And those that are available are generally a port of a VMware appliance and not really tested.

I had an issue looking for a WordPress appliance that would work on Hyper-V without too much mucking around as I’m not really a hardcore Linux person. I managed to find a VMware appliance that would port straigh over to Hyper-V with little fuss. It’s the TurnKey WordPress appliance available here: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/wordpress

Just use the StarWind Converter on it to port the vmdk files to a VHD file. Then chuck it into Hyper-V and start it up. Make sure you use the legacy Network Adapter. Everything works error free and without hassle! Great appliance that is ready to go!

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