Driftwood Stories

Had a piece of driftwood for my freshwater tank for some time now. Prior to putting it in, I had already soaked it in water for 2 months, changing water weekly. Still the piece of wood would turn a 200L tank into a tea like colour after only one week. I put up with it for over 6 months, but I believe it was unhealthy for certain type of fish that didn’t like the tanin like acid in the water.

So today I decided to boil the driftwood. After 5 hours of boiling, and 3 water changes in the pot, it was still leaking a very dark tea colour. What a waste of time! Ended up binning the piece of wood, and I might have to find another. It looks like if 2 hours of boiling doesn’t get rid of the colour, then you’ll need over 10 hours worth. Too much effort for me over a piece of wood!

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