Japan – Day 9 (Osaka and Shinjuku)

After downing plenty of drugs (reminder to pack plenty of medicines as you never know what you may encounter), I’m feeling a bit braindead and my stomach still has butterflys. However, I’m doing well and managing to get through my day.

Went to Osaka Aquarium this morning (which was actually planned for yesterday). Takes about an hour to see the whole aquarium, and it’s quite nice. Not aerobridges where you walk through water, just lots of glass on either side. It’s got the worlds biggest shark (I think it’s a shark) enclosed in it. It’s over 4 metres long. Plenty of other fish in there too, and quite a sight if you’re a big fish fan like me!

After having Korean for lunch in Osaka, we caught the bullet back to Tokyo to get to our destination Shinjuku. Shinjuku is an ourter suburb of Tokyo and it’s where all the daggy people/gangsters live. Because of this, there is plenty of nightlife!

If you go to Japan, you’ll notice how clean everything is and the lack of litter. In Shinjuku, you’ll find plenty of litter and people loitering! Quite a contrast. I haven’t seen the movie Shinjuku Incident yet, but I’ve been told to watch it after going home šŸ™‚

Got to admit though, first impressions of Shinjuku. I think the retail shops here are much more my taste that I can bring back to Australia. The other places so far (Ginza etc) seemed a bitĀ out thereĀ to bring back to the Western world!

Osaka Famous Big SharkOsaka Aquarium Cute PufferOsaka Aquarium Giant SunfishOsaka Aquarium Giant TurtleOsaka Aquarium PenguinsShinjuku Night Shot

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