Japan – Day 4 (Kyoto)

Stayed overnight in Hakone. Beautiful place (had to mention that again)! Bought some souvenirs, went for a quick stroll, and then got a ride from the hotel to Odawara station to catch the Shinkansen to Kyoto. At the station you see some of the bullet trains shoot through at reduced speed, and damn are they going fast. Quite a sight!

He ride to Kyoto took 2 hours, and was included in the Japanese Railpass (good value – you must purchase it before arriving in Japan). Kyoto station is amazingly big… shop after shop, and restaurant after restaurant. Finding the hotel in Kyoto was interesting, not many people here know English. We eventually found it though, but it was very hot day to be roaming the streets.

Many shops and restaurants in the station itself! More interested in the restaurants though. Fashion here won’t quite fit into Australian fashion/culture if I bring it back! Went for a stroll through Kyoto station and found some places to eat. Tomorrow we’ll be checking out the temples and castles around here.

Attached a pics of a GPS reading whilst onboard the bullet train! All the trains are various speeds!

 PS. Unusual things spotted so far. Bus drivers turn off their engines at traffic lights to lower carbon emissions? Something to do with the Kyoto Protocol maybe? Council workers here use cool LED looking boards with animated people to signal lane merges!

Shinkansen GPS SpeedOutside our hotel room in Hakone

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