Japan – Day 12 (Shinjuku)

Last day in Japan. We just hovered around the Shinjuku area as this was where our hotel was. Tried some food here and there, and did more shopping. Soup was excellent at Tokyo Soup Stock, can’t believe how good it was. Zara was our main choice of clothing store.

We got a massage to sooth our muscles from all the walking we had done. Perfect way to unwind before catching the shuttle bus back to Narita airport for the trip home. Waiting at the airport made you realise that it was all over and you were heading back to reality…

 PS. Check out the bathroom shot of one of the major department stores 0101 in Japan! Also, are pics of that beautiful tasting soup from Soup Stock. And finally is a peach (green tea also exists) flavoured Kit Kat we came across whilst wasting time at the airport. Tasted real good 🙂

 0101 Bathroom PhotoSoup Stock Tokto - Chicken SoupPeach Flavoured Kit Kat from Japan

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