Japan – Day 1 (Tokyo)

After arriving the night before, and getting to the hotel at 11pm, the day was pretty much over and I had to settle for am/pm snacks (the equiv of 7/11). Staying in Hanzomon, a small suburb outside of Tokyo. Place looks alright!

 Definitely notice the lack of english around here, and when ordering food, if there are no photos…. good luck! The transport is great though, plenty of english and after you work out how it all connects, then its ok. There’s the main Tokyo metro train system, the Toei lines (looks like a seperate party runs them), then the JR lines which take you between the major cities! I suggest buying the Tokyo Metro One-day Open Ticket due to the value (710Yen gets you on all metro except Toei).

 Overall, spent the first part of the day checking out the Imperial Palace, and then the latter half in Ginza checking out the shops. Went to the Sony building, and that wasn’t all that interesting to be honest! Now it’s time to get ready for day 2!

PS. They have some unusual but cool snacks around her. Love the Lipton Milk Tea and these ice cream balls you can buy!

 Japan SnacksJapan Ice Cream Balls!

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