My Freshwater Tropical Tank

Thought I’d post pics of my tank whilst on the topic of fish!

200L tank (3ft), gravel substrate, temp 26C.

Large mixture of fish: danios, blue/black neon tetras, goldfish (my first fish ever), black moor (my first fish ever), blue rams, golden rams, ghost knife fish, guppies, congo tetra, clown loaches, albino corys, panda cory, keyhole cichlids, desert goby, siamese cats.

Plants: Green Rush, anubus, cant remember the type of fern I have, seaweed of some sort, pennywort, and moss.

Extras: Eheim external filter, DIY CO2 injection, airstone for overnight run.

 Freshwater Tropical Tank 1Freshwater Tropical Tank 2Freshwater Tropical Tank 3Freshwater Tropical Tank 4

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