Australian Desert Goby

Was changing water in my tropical tank and thought I’d take picture of the goby I have in there. He is fun to play with and not scared of too much.

 He’s an Australian Desert Goby. Tough as nuts they say, because he lives in Lake Eyre which is meant to be a freshwater lake, but can get dry and conditions deteriorate to extreme salinity levels.

Australian Desert Goby 1Australian Desert Goby 2

Marine Tank Pictures (nano tank without reef)!

Thought I’d post up some pictures of my marine tank (which I have since rearranged).

Just to give some background on my marine experience. Because I’m only dabbling in marine tanks at the moment and trying to understand the full nature of them, I’ve started with a nano tank (2ft). Marine tanks get expensive very quickly!

 I wanted liverock, but that needed strong lights and apart from buying new lights I didn’t want to contribute too much to the greenhouse effect. The alternative was just to go for some normal rock or dead coral (which is what I have). Unfortunately, liverock helps a lot in controlling nitrate levels in the biological cycle. I needed to find another way to counter the nitrates so I wouldn’t be changing water constantly (a challenge in a nano tank). So I’ve opted for this type of algae which you can see in the tank. It only requires low lighting, so I have a 11W energy efficient fluro on it and the algae is growing well (and hopefully sucking up all the nitrates in the tank).

 At the moment, I can’t say much on the success yet, but I will start measuring nitrate levels and provide results!
All I know thus far is that the clown keeps tugging on the algae and moving it around!

 PS. There is also a new addition to the tank. Royal Dottyback. My nano tank is now fully stocked with 3 fish 🙂

Marine Tank 1Marine Tank 2Marine Tank 3Marine Tank 4

Nitrate Testing

Been wondering how my tank was always 0ppm for Nitrate reading. Today I figured I wasn’t shaking the test tube enough. It actually makes heaps of difference shaking it for 1min instead of 5 sec. As you shake it, the colour actually changes on you (assuming there is a Nitrate reading)!

Just thought I’d mention that to anyone who was wondering why they have perfect Nitrate readings all the time. Try shaking the test tube more.

I’m using a Master Test kit from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API).

My Freshwater Tropical Tank

Thought I’d post pics of my tank whilst on the topic of fish!

200L tank (3ft), gravel substrate, temp 26C.

Large mixture of fish: danios, blue/black neon tetras, goldfish (my first fish ever), black moor (my first fish ever), blue rams, golden rams, ghost knife fish, guppies, congo tetra, clown loaches, albino corys, panda cory, keyhole cichlids, desert goby, siamese cats.

Plants: Green Rush, anubus, cant remember the type of fern I have, seaweed of some sort, pennywort, and moss.

Extras: Eheim external filter, DIY CO2 injection, airstone for overnight run.

 Freshwater Tropical Tank 1Freshwater Tropical Tank 2Freshwater Tropical Tank 3Freshwater Tropical Tank 4

Tomato Clownfish Flame (Vanuatu)

Got my Tomato Clownfish the other week. Quite a character and sitting well with my Mono Sebae (brackish). The tank is full marine salinity.

The Tomato loves to dig holes, and I believe he has had a bit of a fight with the Mono as the Mono is missing bits of its tail. Probably over the prized position next to the heater in the tank!

The Tomato has a huge appetitive and eats practically anything, which is on par with what other users on the net are saying. Overall I have to say he is quite a cool fish. Might get him another friend, but the tank is small and tomatos are aggressive.

Tank details: 2ft tank, Salinity 1.020, temp 26C, no anemone, 80% play pit sand, 20% coral sand, Plastic plants to confuse the heck out of the tomato 😛

 Tomato Clownfish Flame (Vanuatu) 1Tomato Clownfish Flame (Vanuatu) 2Tomato Clownfish Flame (Vanuatu) and Mono Sebae